Greg Gagné is the world's greatest card shark. If he wins this next hand of poker he will have all the money his heart desires. If he loses, the Devil owns his soul forever.

This is just the beginning for Devil Dealers, a 115 page graphic novel written by Ross May (Tales of the TMNT) with art by Brett Wood (The Silver Bullet). It is the legend of Faust spun out into the modern day where the Devil continues to make deals for human souls. Greg meets other people like him who have dealt with the Devil, and together they might win the greatest treasures of this life and the next.

Devil Dealers

Written by Ross May, Art by Brett Wood

Inks by Victor Moya, Colours by Kirsty Swan, Letters by Ed Brisson

Published by Markosia Enterprises Ltd.

Available in print and digital now!

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Devil Dealers and all related characters and images are copyright Ross May and Brett Wood. All rights reserved.